Community Engagement Policy

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Community Engagement Policy

Policy on Community Engagement
To achieve our ambition the Parish Council needs to work closely with all of its residents and community and voluntary groups.

This will go beyond consultation, our aim is to engage residents who will, participate in decision making, work alongside us to design, deliver, and monitor services and vote at elections.
It will mean that the Parish Council will promote genuine partnership and collaboration, and ensure that people have the opportunities and capacity to be effective citizens.

Our overall aim is:
To ensure, through a wide range of public consultation and community engagement the Parish Council actively listens, considers and uses the views of its villagers as an integral part of its decision making process.
That its policies reflect the aspirations and needs of a diverse village.
Our objectives are to:

  • Agree shared ambitions for the locality and the community.
  • Strengthen the Council’s democratic engagement with and accountability to its residents.
  • Be an organisation that consults, communicates and makes changes as a result of the views of the community and service users.
  • Improve in partnership with service providers the needs of a diverse community and tackle inequality and exclusion.
  • Develop working relationships with voluntary and community sector partners to deliver local priorities and improve quality of life.
  • Nurture vibrant and active communities who can take up the opportunities to have a voice and choice in relation to public services and decision making.
  • Devolve power where appropriate to voluntary and community groups.

In order to achieve these policy objectives, the Council will adopt a corporate implementation strategy.
This strategy is part of the Council’s commitment to creating and maintaining effective working relationship with voluntary and community groups, based on trust, openness and constructive challenge.