Full Council Remote Meeting Minutes 11.5.2020

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Minutes of the Extraordinary Full Council Committee Meeting, held by remote zoom video conference

on Monday 11 May at 7pm

Cllr John Addiscott (from 7.33pm) Cllr Abby J Brennan Cllr Maggie Clamp Cllr Lorraine Foster Cllr Tracy James     Cllr Gillian Dunn Cllr Diane Farthing
Cllr David Graham Cllr Harry Curtis Cllr Alan R Harvey  
Cllr Anne McLeod        Cllr Alan Rybacki Cllr Alice Tomlinson  Cllr Sonal Modhvadia (from  8.20pm)                                  
Cllr Josephine Spencer (PC Chairman), Cllr Sue Clegg (PC Vice Chairman)

    Also present: Jacki Grice(Parish Clerk) and Lisa Simpson (Hall Manager), Sally Horn   
                            (Accounts Clerk), Cllrs Roger Upton and Neil Clarke (Rushcliffe Borough
                            Council) Cllr Kay Cutts (Nottinghamshire County Council and one member of the public

  1. Apologies for Absence

None received.

  • Declarations of Interest

There were no declarations of interest.

  1. Minutes of the Full Council Meeting held on 27 April 2020 for Approval

Resolved: “That the minutes were approved as an accurate record and will be signed by the Chairman 
      at the next available meeting.”

  • Chairman’s Announcements
  • A zoom meeting was held with P.C Chairs, Vice Chair of F&GP and RBC Councillors today following on from Robert Jenrick MP’s letter regarding funding for lower tier Councils the P.C is requesting a template grant request form to access funding via RBC.
  • Thanks to Cllr Kay Cutts who has sent grant funding of £2,000 to the Parish Council to help with the financial impact of Covid 19 on the Parish Councils income budget.
  • Is disappointed that someone has took it upon themselves to spray paint over the newly created ‘no cycling’ signs at the entrances to Cliff Top. (although it is coming off already).
  • Suggested that staff look into any concessions with PRS and PPS licences as the Grange Hall is closed.
  1. Clerks Report on Previous Minutes

M.16 No Cycling Signs: Vandalised by being painted over, all the laminated signage on Cliff Top has also been taken down.

M.18 Correspondence: Park Homes Site – Awaiting a response from Ruth Edwards MP to see if she will attend a remote meeting to discuss the issues that residents are having at the site.

  • Open Session for Members of the Public to Raise Matters of Council Business, Limited to 15 Minutes
  • Standing Orders were suspended at 7.06pm

The Chair of the Radcliffe Conservation Group gave the following report:

  • The grass cutting of the LilyPonds/Riverside pathways has been carried out, it is believed to be the normal NCC cuts. Unsure if Dewberry Hill has recently been cut also.
  • Anticipate that at least half the trees planted in the Lily Ponds area recently will fail and hope that they can be replaced via the RBC Planting Scheme.
  • Awaiting news from Paul Phillips, Environmental Officer at RBC to see if the remote flail mower will be available free again this year.
  • The NWT guided walk in June has been postponed due to the Pandemic, but it is hoped that smaller socially distanced walks can be organised later in the year.

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  • Noted that the 3 trees planted on Cliff top over a year ago have also failed, this was the wrong location for them.
  • Standing Orders resumed at 7.10pm
  • Meeting Schedule for Full Council Remote Meetings: To Consider Frequency and Adequate Equipment for Councillors

It was Resolved that the next Full Council meeting is held on Monday 18 May and then fortnightly thereafter on Monday evenings until further review.

Members were reminded to contact the Clerk if they require any facilities to help them with Councillor duties whilst working remotely.

  1. To Elect: Vice Chair of Planning and Environment Committee

There were no nominations – item deferred for a future meeting

  1. Planning Applications: To Consider

It was Resolved: “The applications received were reviewed and the decisions taken as outlined on the

attached document

  1. RBC Planning Decisions: To Note

It was Resolved: “That the decisions taken as per the attached document are noted”

The Chair also raised concerns regarding the dilapidated house on Johns Road and asked the RBC Councillors to raise it with the relevant department/authority.

It was also noted that the Nottingham Road housing development is still in discussion at RBC with the Developers, in particular the access/exit roads and the potential for a roundabout instead.

  1. Skatepark Update

Cllr Tomlinson attended a site meeting this morning and gave the following report:

  • ROSPA inspected today and signed off the site
  • The concrete element of the project is 100% complete
  • A small amount of snagging to be done, one drainage issue
  • Landscaping still to be completed
  • Lighting scheme still to be completed
  • The fencing has been taken down
  • Green litter bins requires relocating

Members were concerned about social distancing and use of the Skatepark under current circumstances and it still has not been officially opened. This is extremely difficult to control, but official signage would be placed and the Police informed to monitor.

  1. Cllr Addiscott joined the meeting at 7.33pm
  1. Radcliffe Olympic Football Lease and Correspondence

The revised Lease is still awaited from Council Solicitors. An email has been received from the Chair of Radcliffe Olympic seeking a concession with the pavilion and pitch fees to March 2021. It was noted that the Club has not been able to use the facilities since 17th October 2019 due to the flooding and now the Pandemic. It was:

Resolved “To waive the Pitch and Pavilion fees of £700 for the period 1st April 2020 to 31st March 2021”

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  1. Financial Regulations Review and Revisions

There were various revisions to enable for business continuity during the Pandemic lockdown and social distancing requirements. It was

Resolved “To approve and adopt the Financial Regulations dated 11.05.2020”


  1. Year End Net Budget Results 2019/20

Total reserves at 31 March 2020 financial year end inclusive of free, designated and restricted were reported as £203,534. The 19/20 budget overall underspend was £26,478. It was noted that the Parish Council is guided to keep approx. 50% of annual turnover in reserves.

Advice has been taken from the Internal Auditor on how to present the SkatePark financial figures as completion of the project has now slipped into the current financial year due to the Pandemic. The full Financial Accounts and Annual Return will be finalised in June.

Resolved “To approve and accept the report.”

  1. Forecasted Income Loss Quarter 1 Budget 2020/21 Grange Hall

An estimated forecast of losses for the first quarter of the Grange and Hall bookings and events based on comparable figures for the same period last year is £26,000. Further income losses expected due to for example delay in renting the Bungalow and people delaying cemetery interments until more people can attend. A full impact and mitigation report is currently under review for future presentation.


  1. Payments Listing March 2020

Resolved “Noted and accepted”

  • Payments Listing April 2020

Resolved “Noted and accepted”

  • Zurich Insurance

Council insurers have confirmed that the Business Interruption element of the policy will not provide cover as a result of Coronavirus, It was also noted the current policy is due for review and will be put on the next Agenda.

  • Annual Return (AGAR Requirement) Risk Management Review

The review has been delayed due to staff sickness and latterly the Pandemic. Cllr Harvey has considered the current Risk Analysis documents and has now produced a briefing note and strategic risk register on all areas of Council activity within the format of a 5×5 risk matrix.

Members thanked Cllr Harvey for his work on this which was considerable, the Audit Working Group would meet to tweak the document and it would become a regular Agenda item at future meetings.

  • Summer Planting: To Review

When considering scenarios for the Coronavirus Staff Risk Assessment, members of the Personnel Committee recommended that the hanging baskets are omitted from this summer’s planting scheme. Staff will endeavour to obtain plants and put in place the usual scheme with the beds and planters when the Garden Centres are open again. Noting that this year’s scheme will be potentially a couple of weeks late.

Resolved “To approve that the hanging baskets are omitted from this summer’s planting scheme.”


  • Letter from Robert Jenrick MP

All Parish and Town Councils received a letter from Robert Jenrick MP thanking Councils for their actions during this period of lockdown. The letter also refers to the £3.2b of additional funding to councils with the latest tranche of £1.6b including a larger share for lower tier councils and that contact should be made with Principal Councils about this.

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  • RBC response to Robert Jenrick Letter

RBC have advised of their financial position by ‘horizon scanning’ a potential net budget deficit between £1.3m – £3.3m this financial year. They have received £1.2m from the government. The projections take

the grant into account. The RBC has asked for a summary of the Parish Council’s financial position and the impact of Covid 19 and a due diligence scoping report of how the Parish Council can revise its budget before they would consider a potential funding grant passed on to the P.C. A template form for completion has been requested by the P.C via the Borough Council in the first instance.

  • Cycling on Cliff Top

An email has been received from a resident requesting clarity on whether the no cycling policy extends to children. This will be put on the next Agenda for a formal policy decision.

  • Grange Community Kitchen

An email has been received from a resident outlining thoughts on a potential community kitchen project. More details to be obtained and researched in time for the next meeting as an agenda item.

  • Beech Tree Rockley Park

A resident has concerns about a beech tree in park growing in the wrong place. This will also be put on the next meeting as an Agenda item.

  • Coronavirus Policy (Staff)

Resolved “To adopt the policy”

  • Councillors and Outside Organisations Reports

Cllr Brennan had received a note from a resident stating that the Parish Council would be discussing dogs on leads on Cliff Top. The Clerk confirmed that she had not received any correspondence on the matter. Clarification on the policy of Cliff Top including child cyclists would be put on the next Agenda

  • Cllr Modvadia joined the meeting at 8.20pm
  • The Hall Manager, Lisa Simpson advised that the majority of the new Caretakers induction had been carried out, he continues to carry out various maintenance duties during this quiet period.

Refunds for bookings have been processed to the end of June.

Further contact will be made with the enquirer regarding the use of Grange Hall kitchen for a community led scheme for more clarity.

  • Cllr Foster reported that the Radcliffe to the Rescue initiative is still going well and food boxes are still being dropped off to distribute to those in need.
  • Cllr Modhvadia advised that there are no issues in the Wharf Lane/Manor Court area, requests for help are quiet so everyone seems at ease
  • Reports from Borough and County Councillors

Cllr Upton reported that the RBC was holding its first virtual Cabinet meeting on Tuesday 12 May 2pm and will be livestreamed via you tube.

Over 75% of eligible businesses in Rushcliffe have accessed the business rates support grants of £10k and £25k dependent on rateable valuations. The businesses have been delighted with the prompt action by RBC.

The revaluations project is currently deferred.

Information on the VE activities are on the RBC website.

Collections of bulk waste are back.

Cllr Clarke reported that the Bingham Market is back in operation and the West Bridgford Farmers Market is under consideration.

The Reach Rushcliffe initiative is gaining pace to tackle social isolation and loneliness.

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There is no known progress on the dispute with residents and the William Davis Developers and the recent flooding issues.

The overflowing issues with the Tetrapack collection bin has been rectified and normal service resumed.

A discretionary element of the business rates grant scheme is due to come into effect which will enable RBC to potentially help organisations that have ‘fallen through gap’ such as Charity Care Homes which are not classed as businesses.

Cllr Cutts gave an overview of recent activity including:

  • Noted how well the P.C responded to the short notice of  the ‘lockdown’ with the volunteers listing
  • Day Centres are providing outreach services to the elderly in their homes
  • The N.C.C Community Hub is working well with offers and requests for various support
  • The Footpaths Officer has been asked to check the path at the Park Homes site to ensure it is still compliant as it does not show on the site plan.
  • 6 Recycling Centre sites have now reopened but not the site at Compton Acres yet.
  • Radcliffe Olympic having a terrible time as could not play any of the current season due to floods also.
  • Pledged funds to the village Carnival (if it goes ahead)
  • Country Parks have been open throughout the lockdown but not the car parks and indoor facilities are under review
  • Looking forward to the Skatepark being open, noted Playgrounds are still closed via Government
  • William Davis and the impact of the flooding of the Dyke is still an ongoing discussion
  • Different VE Celebrations went well and sent birthday greetings to Captain Tom for his NHS Charities fundraising, perhaps VJ Day could be a potential date for proper celebration.
  • Resolved “The Chairman moved that the press and public be excluded from the meeting during consideration of item 22 on the grounds that it involves the likely disclosure of exempt information as defined in section 1(2) of the Public Bodies (Admissions to meetings) Act 1960.”
  • Minutes of the Personnel and Wages Sub Committee meeting held 07 May 2020 for Acceptance

It was Resolved: “That the minutes are accepted and referred back to the Sub Committee for approval and signing at the next available meeting.”

  • Date of Next Full Council Meeting – 18 May 2020 – 7pm

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 8.30pm. 

Planning Decisions

PLANNING APPLICATIONS Cv19. 3. (11.May 2020 Remote Meeting Decisions)

20/00910/OUT27.4.20Mr Ross WhitingLand between 110 and 112 Cropwell RoadOutline planning application for the erection of 1 no. dwelling (all maters reserved except for access)DNO9 for 5 ag 
20/00950/FUL30.4.20Mrs Wardle7 Whitehall Court Upper SaxondaleErection of single storey rear extensionDNOunan 

Rushcliffe Borough / County Council Decisions

RefApplicantLocationDetailsP.C DecPC CommentsRBC Dec
20/00446/FULMr David Grieves2 Grantham RoadSingle storey rear extensionDNOGrant Permission
19/02870/LBCStar Pubs and BarsManvers Arms, Main RoadInternal refurbishment to public houseDNOGrant Listing Building Consent