Full Council Remote Meeting Minutes18.5.2020

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Minutes of the Extraordinary Full Council Committee Meeting, held by remote zoom video conference

on Monday 18 May 2020 at 7pm

Cllr John Addiscott Cllr Abby J Brennan Cllr Maggie Clamp Cllr Lorraine Foster Cllr Tracy James    Cllr Gillian Dunn Cllr Diane Farthing
Cllr David Graham Cllr Harry Curtis Cllr Alan R Harvey  
Cllr Anne McLeod        Cllr Alan Rybacki Cllr Alice Tomlinson                                   
Cllr Josephine Spencer (PC Chairman), Cllr Sue Clegg (PC Vice Chairman)

    Also present: Lisa Simpson (Hall Manager / Acting Clerk), Sally Horn (Accounts Clerk), Cllrs Roger Upton

                            and Neil Clarke (Rushcliffe Borough Council) Cllr Kay Cutts (Nottinghamshire County Council)
                            and two members of the public

  1. Apologies for Absence

None received.

  • Declarations of Interest

There were no declarations of interest.

  1. Minutes of the Full Council Meeting held on 11th May 2020 for Approval

Resolved: “That the minutes were approved as an accurate record and will be signed by the Chairman 
      at the next available meeting.”

  • Chairman’s Announcements
  • A meeting took place on Monday 18th May with Cllrs Spencer, Clegg, the Rushcliffe Borough Cllrs Clarke, Brennan and the local MP Ruth Edwards regarding the Park Homes site and the current licenses within the park (Mobile Home Act). Cllr Clarke will meet with a resident of the park and Jenny Carpenter (RBC Officer) to see if any alterations could be made to the licensing of the park, regarding planning matters.
  1. Clerks Report on Previous Minutes
    1. A statement was read out by the Chairman regarding the completion and subsequent opening of the skate park from the Parish Clerk.

Cllr Brennan would like more information and clarification given out to Cllrs about decisions that have been changed or amended after a council meeting.

  • The contractor mowed down the Lily Ponds without letting anyone know, so there is a mowing in hand for the future.
  • Open Session for Members of the Public to Raise Matters of Council Business, Limited to 15 Minutes
  • Standing Orders were suspended at 7.14pm

The Chair of the Radcliffe Conservation Group gave the following report:

  • Notes from the Rushcliffe Nature Conservation have been circulated regarding a proposal to take out Himalayan Balsam down by the river side. A proposal of a small amount of volunteers would be able to carry this out, a maximum of 7 people. Proposed to meet at the end of June, beginning of July.
  • Paul Phillips, Environmental Officer at RBC to see if the remote flail mower will be available again this year for two weeks and not one.
  • Standing Orders resumed at 7.20pm
  • Finance – Income and cost implications of Covid 19 Pandemic

A revised list of income changes and cost implications due to Covid 19 had been submitted to councillors prior to the meeting.  The list shows a predicted drop in income of approximately £65,000 partially offset by grants from Nottinghamshire County Council and Cllr Kay Cutts and by Furlough payments anticipated to the end of May.

Costs have been reduced by over £50,000 but there have been increased costs due to Covid 19 paid and expected which are a new budget item currently at £1,330.  This covers PPE, Zoom licences etc. 

It was noted that no newsletter was expected this year but an A4 sheet produced updating the village later in the year and hopefully informing all Parishioners of a Zoom Q and A session with councillors.

Events have also been excluded from income and costs until 2021 although the decision to hold a digital Village Show rather than one in the Grange Grounds has not been made yet.

The net effect is a predicted excess of costs over income of £4,671 but subject to obtaining approval from RBC to delay the start of reserving £5,000pa into a Restricted Reserve for a replacement Skatepark.  RBC Cllr Roger Upton felt that this was not a mandatory start date and the postponement would be acceptable.  If this approval is obtained the current expectation would be a breakeven point for the Council but with no contingency fund.

Resolved: The 2020/2021 Annual Budget revised for COVID 19 as at 18 May be approved with the Budget Committee instructed to meet regularly to assess the situation and make further amendments if necessary.

  1. Zurich Insurance 2020/22

It was Resolved:

  1. The Skatepark only be insured for Public Liability Risk
  2. Play Equipment only be insured for Public Liability Risk
  3. The Key Personnel cover be agreed by Personnel Committee who had powers delegated to them for confirming their decision with underwriters
  4. The 3 year term for the policy was selected.
  1. Correspondence
  2. Children and Cycling on Cliff Top and Dogs on Leads.
  3. Cycling –

Resolved “To allow young children if accompanied by an adult to use a cycle or scooter on the cliff path.”

  • Dogs on leads –

Resolved “Dog owners are encouraged to respect both pedestrians and other dog walkers by putting their dog on a lead either when requested or when the situation is obviously required. 

  • Use of the The Grange as a Community Kitchen –

Resolved “Full support was given by the PC for the idea with input from the Hall Manager. risk assessments and official documents would need to be in place. Cllr Brennan expressed an interest in possibly donating from the RBC fund. The kitchen would be used on a Sunday to cook the food and have it delivered at this moment in time. A review would be needed after lock down if there is a request to develop the idea.

  • Rockley Park Beech Tree – to consider relocation request

Resolved “all in favour to relocate a surplus self-seeded tree.

  1. Councillors and Outside Organisations Reports

Cllr Graham – has spoken to the skateboarders on several occasion, they are very friendly and enthusiastic about the new park. They have requested another litter bin as they have been clearing litter when they first arrive.  The steps also need looking at as they are deemed to be in a bad state of repair.

Cllr James – the concrete blocks have been moved in situ in preparation for any unwanted visitors on Bingham Road playing fields.

Cllr Foster reported that the Radcliffe to the Rescue initiative is still going well and food boxes are still being dropped off to distribute to those in need. Any unwanted boxes will come down to Grange Hall where the Hall Manager will notify any other residents in need.

Cllr Harvey to note there is another audit meeting via Zoom on Friday 22nd May for those on the audit committee.

Cllr Clegg attended the RBC Planning meeting on Zoom.

Cllr Spencer wished to thank Cllr Tomlinson and the Skateboard Committee for all their hard work in relation to the skateboard park.

  1. Reports from Borough and County Councillors

Cllr Clarke reported that there has been a meeting with PC S Mathias regarding anti – social behaviour on Queen Road. Issues are being followed up.

Cllr Cutts gave an overview of recent activity including:

  • 6 Recycling Centre sites have now reopened but not the site at Compton Acres yet.
  • Libraries should be open at the beginning of July.
  • PPE has been delivered to County Hall ready for distribution.
  • Country Parks have been open throughout the lockdown, the car parks are now open too.
  • Schools are starting to re-open in June, but staggered years first.
  • Road repairs are starting to happen. There was an issue in supply of the tarmac.
  1. Date of Next Full Council Meeting – 1st June 2020 – 7pm via Zoom.

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 8.20pm. 

Planning Decisions