Full Council Remote Meeting Minutes 01.06.2020

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Minutes of the Extraordinary Full Council Committee Meeting, held by remote zoom video conference

on Monday 1st June 2020 at 7pm

Cllr J. Addiscott (Ab) Cllr Abby J Brennan Cllr Maggie Clamp Cllr Lorraine Foster Cllr Tracy James  (from 7.35pm)  Cllr Gillian Dunn Cllr Diane Farthing
Cllr David Graham Cllr Harry Curtis  
Cllr Alan R Harvey Cllr Anne McLeod       Cllr Alice Tomlinson  Cllr Sonal Modhvadia                             
Cllr Josephine Spencer (PC Chairman), Cllr Sue Clegg (PC Vice Chairman)

 Also present: Jacki Grice (Parish Clerk), Lisa Simpson (Hall Manager), Sally Horn (Accounts Clerk), Cllrs

                         Roger Upton and Neil Clarke (Rushcliffe Borough Council) and two members of the public

  1. Apologies for Absence

Cllr Alan Rybacki

Cllr Kay Cutts (Nottinghamshire County Council)

  • Declarations of Interest

Cllrs Josephine Spencer and Harry Curtis for Agenda item No.7. Planning Application ref 20/01070/FUL, they did not take part in discussion or vote.

  1. Minutes of the Full Council Meeting held on 18th May 2020 for Approval

Resolved: “That the minutes were approved as an accurate record and will be signed by the Chairman 
      at the next available meeting.”

  • Chairman’s Announcements
  • The Chairman has been invited to speak by Jenny Kirkwood at the next RBC Town and Parish Forum (18 June via Zoom) on the success of the volunteering system put together in Radcliffe on Trent during the Covid19 pandemic.
  1. Clerks Report on Previous Minutes
  2. M. 9 A hardship grant request template has been received from Rushcliffe Borough Council. When completed it will be circulated to the budget committee for input.
    1. M,,10 The Chair of Radcliffe Olympic has now asked for the Football Clubs fixtures and contents to be included in the Parish Council Insurance. The Clerk is seeking a revised quote for them to consider as the cost for the Clubs requirements would be passed on.
    1. M.11b Update on the Radcooks Community Kitchen – a small number of people have requested a meal starting on Sunday 14th June.  The group will start in Platform 29 kitchens while the numbers are small, with a view to moving to The Grange if the numbers increase.
    1. M11cThe self-seeded Beech tree has now been moved in Rockley Memorial Park. A letter of thanks has been received.
  • Open Session for Members of the Public to Raise Matters of Council Business, Limited to 15 Minutes
  • Standing Orders were suspended at 7.08pm

The Chair of the Radcliffe Conservation Group gave the following report:

  • A date has been set to take out Himalayan Balsam down by the river side, on 10th June. To start at the Valley Road end.
  • Work has begun with cutting the upper paths.
  • A post is down at the Hollywell Steps and  has gone rotten.
  • A small amount of litter is appearing down the Lily ponds.

A resident enquiring about the excess litter around Radcliffe on Trent within the lockdown period

It was confirmed that Streetwise are still carrying out the full RBC and Parish contracts, including Wharf Lane Rec weekly and all the shop areas earlier in the mornings weekdays.

  • Standing Orders resumed at 7.15pm
  • Recent Rushcliffe Borough Council Decisions as per the attached list

It was Resolved: “Noted”

  1. Planning Applications as per the attached list

It was Resolved: “The applications received were reviewed and the decisions taken as outlined on the

attached document.”

  1. Skatepark Update

Update from Cllr Tomlinson

  • The banner regarding social distancing has been put up.
  • The steps in the area are in need of repair. The materials are ready but there are concerns at this moment in time about social distancing.  One of the committee members who is a Landscape Architect is happy to organise the work when convenient.
  • A litter bin is required to go near the picnic bench and one near the light. (One existing and one new one).

Resolved “a new litter bin will be purchased out of the Skate park remaining project funds”.  The council are happy for work to be carried out on the steps pending site of the proposed plans.”

Cllr Spencer wished to thank Cllr Tomlinson and the Skatepark committee for all their hard work.

  1. Valley Road Play Area Painting to Consider

Resolved “Streetwise to carry out, rubbing down, pre-priming and painting of the flat swings frame and the tractor at the Valley Road play park as quoted @ £1,327.38 net”.

  1. Unauthorised Encampments; update on advice from RBC Legal

Resolved “Defer to 15th June Full Council meeting”.

  1. Correspondence
  2. Update on meeting with Ruth Edwards MP; Park Homes and railway site

The issues raised with the Park Homes site are being investigated by the House of Commons Library and Cllr Clarke is doing some follow up work.

The Government has put £500m on the table for Railway development and expressions of interest are being submitted from MP’s

  •  Radcliffe on Trent Cricket Club: letter request in support of grant funding application.

               Resolved “a letter in support of their funding bid for a new mower is approved”.

  • N.C.C Flood Risk Management; update on drainage investigations.

              There will be an investigation this week on the water surface at the junction of Main Road, St
               Lawrence Boulevard this week to ascertain why the area floods.
              Cllr Farthing reports on findings from an investigation at The Green. – After road works were   

              completed several years ago, it was found on investigation that a pipe had 8 metres of blocked

              aggregate in it. This was all removed and hopefully will solve the problem of The Green

              flooding in the future.

  • Rockley Park: Trespass issues.  It is thought that there is a ‘rough’ sleeper in Rockley Park. without evidence the appropriate authorities and organisations cannot help.
  • Cyclist Signs: The signs are continually being ripped down and the sprayed signs on the floor to the entrances are being defaced. 

Resolved “to inform the police of any anti-social behaviour”. The Clerk will respond to the parishioner who sent in the complaint letter.”

  • Shops and business have received a letter from Rushcliffe Borough Council offering any advice needed to open in the near future
  • BulletinShelford Road Works 1st – 5th June two way traffic signals – noted.

  • Update on surfacing works on Holme Lane – plans for NCC to schedule in some patching and regrading of stone sections and repairs to pot holes. – Noted.
  1. Councillors and Outside Organisations Reports

Cllr James – ROTSA have asked for 5 year break clauses in the new lease for Bingham Road Playing Fields as opposed to 2 years.

Cllr Spencer wished to thank Cllr Tomlinson and the Skatepark Committee for all their hard work in relation to the skateboard park.

Hall Manager – the Hall is still open for staff. The bookings are being checked every day for the future. All bookings for July have been cancelled. Hirers for August/September are starting to cancel also. Many hirers have booked into 2021 to an already busy diary.

  1. Reports from Borough and County Councillors

Cllr Clarke reported that a visit to the skatepark was very positive. There were lots of young and older people all having a great time, but still being respectful and social distancing.

Cllr Brennan RBC – RBC has given a grant to Radcooks.  There is a Growth Board meeting planned for 3 July to look at different ways of supporting the village.

Cllr Upton – there is a Virtual RBC Cabinet meeting taking place on Tuesday 9th June and the Town/Parish Council Forum on 18th June at 12noon. The car park at the arena is currently being used with ‘waiting’ cars for the household waste centre.

     17.   Resolved “The Chairman moved that the press and public be excluded from the meeting during
             consideration of item 16 on the grounds that it involves the likely disclosure of exempt information as
             defined in section 1(2) of the Public Bodies (Admissions to meetings) Act 1960.”

  1. Minutes of the Personnel and Wages Sub Committee meeting held 27 May 2020 for Acceptance

It was Resolved: “That the minutes are accepted and referred back to the Sub Committee for approval and signing at the next available meeting.”

      19. Date of Next Full Council Meeting – 15th June 2020 – 7pm via Zoom.

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 8.00pm. 

Planning Decisions

20/01048/TPO13.05.20Mr A. Elkinton7 Hammersmith Close, Upper SaxondaleTrees: T2 Oak, T3 Oak, T4 Ash, T5 Oak, T6 Ash and T7 Ash need crown lifting to 6 metres. T8 beech, T9 Oak and T11 Sycamore need to be felled. Reason: To let more light in  DNO  UNAN  REFER TO RBC TREE OFFICER
20/01055/FUL13.05.20Mr Michael Whitby7 Oak Tree AveRevised description: Erection of single storey rear extension;  feature gable at roof level on front elevation; Replacement front porch; Render to front and rear of property; provision of raised patio at the rear      DNO      UNAN 
20/01098/TPO22.5.20Mr Roger Marshall19 Chelsea Mews Upper SaxondaleTrees: T1(Oak) Crown reduction and crown thinning (up to 3 metres) Epicormic thinning- lift (up to 5 metres) Reason: Tree overhangs next door neighbours garden cutting out a significant amount of light    DNO    UNAN  REFER BACK TO RBC TREE OFFICER
20/01070/FUL22.5.20Mr and Mrs AllsHouse on the Hill  1 Dewberry LaneErection of a new single-storey extension. Construction of a new alternative access route and bridge structure off Cropwell Road for the existing property    DNO    UNAN 

Rushcliffe Borough / County Council Decisions

RefApplicantLocationDetailsP.C DecPC CommentsRBC Dec
20/00616/FULMr and Mrs Kimberley1 Golf Road Loft conversion including the raising of the roof and the addition of dormer windows to front, side and rear elevations  DNOHeight of roof proposed, too high in proportion to neighbouring propertiesGrant permission
20/00759/FULMr and Mrs Tony O’Hagan4 Chestnut GroveTwo storey front extension with external rendering and weatherboard cladding; single storey rear extension  DNOExtension at the front is overbearing in respect of the street scene and out of context with neighbouring propertiesGrant permission