Full Council Remote Meeting Notice & Minutes 21.09.2020

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Minutes of the Extraordinary Full Council Committee Meeting, held by remote zoom video conference

on Monday 21st September 2020 at 7pm

Cllr Maggie Clamp Cllr Matthew Douglas (A) Cllr Lorraine Foster Cllr Tracy James  Cllr Gillian Dunn Cllr Diane Farthing
Cllr David Graham Cllr Harry Curtis  
Cllr Anne McLeod   Cllr Alice Tomlinson Cllr Sonal Modhvadia (A) Cllr Phil Thomas                          
Cllr Josephine Spencer (PC Chairman), Cllr Sue Clegg (PC Vice Chairman)

Also present: Jacki Grice (Parish Clerk), Jacquie Earp (Admin), Lisa Simpson (Hall Manager), Sally Horn (Accounts Clerk), Cllrs Roger Upton, Abby Brennan (left 7.17pm), Neil Clarke (left 8.15pm) (Rushcliffe Borough Council) and two members of the public.

  1. Apologies for Absence

Cllr Douglas, Cllr Modhvadia – Approved.

  • Declarations of Interest

The Chairman and Cllr Dunn both declared an interest for Planning Application 20/02173/FUL and Cllr Tomlinson declared an interest for agenda item 9e: Bungalow Tenancy. They did not take part in discussion or vote.

  • Minutes of the Full Council Extraordinary Remote Meeting held on 7th September 2020 for Approval

Resolved: “That the minutes were approved as an accurate record and will be signed by the Chairman

at the next available meeting.”

  • Chairman’s Announcements
  • A Parishioner has approached the Chairman as she wanted to publicise knitting and sewing work for WW1 and 2 Radcliffe Fallen Soldiers and the Remembrance Day commemorations. The PC is in support of this work and the Charman has also passed on further contact details to help the Parishioner.
  • Due to Covid restrictions and following a discussion with Rev Mark Tanner, RBC Cllr Clarke confirmed there may not be a Radcliffe Remembrance Day Parade or Church Service for this year, although there may be a possibility of a virtual tribute. The format will be confirmed after Govt announcements tomorrow.
  • The sink hole has returned on the Cliff Top Path. This has already been repaired twice, the last repair was carried out by Carnell Contractors. Cllr Tomlinson will now contact Carnell and report back.
  • Clerks Report on Previous Minutes
  • M.23: The PC application for ten free trees has been submitted to the RBC Community Tree Scheme.
  • M.5 (prev M.13): No Capital Expense proposals for next year’s budget via Committee Chairs have been received. The Chairman suggested an informal zoom meeting for Cllrs to discuss proposals before the Budget meeting in October.
  • M.13: The Office are currently sourcing boulder prices in replacement for the Grange Grounds posts. It was noted that a new contact had been sourced today.
  • M.12: A booking form also containing terms and conditions had been sent to the Wharf Lane Pop Up Trader, however there had been no response.
  • M.15: Further enquiries have been made regarding the recent £1400 Grange Hall Gas Bill. This bill covered February until the end of May and was based on an estimate. Subsequently the meter was read, and a new bill was produced for £755. It was noted that an IGT pipeline supplies the Hall and that the PC is tied into a ‘Total Gas’ contract for five years which is reasonable compared to other gas suppliers.

  • M.17: There is a meeting tomorrow between the Chairman, Cllr Tomlinson, NCC Cllr Cutts and the Clerk to discuss responsibility and progress of the damaged Culvert at Wharf Lane.

The Chairman was disappointed with a map provided by NCC that highlighted proposed 20mph speed restricted areas of Radcliffe. The map did not appear sensible as small Terraces and ‘dead-end’ roads were to be deemed as 20mph restricted and other major roads into and out of the village were not included. RBC Cllr Clarke confirmed that in his experience small dead-end roads are included as a matter of course and that if major village roads are made 20mph, they will have to be enforced and be credible. If main roads were restricted, there may be an increased risk of dangerous overtaking. Also, any 20mph limit usually means there is a danger on that road and the driver should slow down. The Chairman however was still concerned that roads outside the schools, Cropwell Road and Bingham Road were not included within the proposals.

              RBC Cllr Clarke confirmed it was unlikely any Highways review of the 20mph speed limit would

              take place within the next six months, given the current worsening Covid 19 situation.

  • Open Session for Members of the Public to Raise Matters of Council Business, Limited to 15 Minutes

Standing Orders suspended at 7.16pm:

  • Phil Taylor from the Radcliffe Volunteer Group has placed public notices at Dewberry Hill stating that a contractor will be using a Path Widening and Cutting machine on Wednesday. The Volunteers will also work alongside the Contractor on Wednesday and sections of the path will be progressed until all of the work is done.
  • Another bench along the river has now been replaced.

Standing Orders re-instated at 7.17pm

  • Representatives on Outside Organisations: To Consider PC Representation on Surgery Forum

The Radcliffe Surgery Forum is a patient participation group promoted by the local CCG. The Forum is used as a mechanism to obtain patient and public feedback for the service at the Surgery. The failings of the Radcliffe Surgery are known, and they are behind in the process of achieving a new Health Centre.  Cllr Thomas is a current member of the Surgery Forum and the Health Centre are happy for Cllr Thomas to represent the views of the PC. As there is a public health emergency and future issues may arise, PC Cllr representation on the Forum is now encouraged. Cllr Clamp also expressed an interest in becoming a PC representative and it was Resolved: “Cllr Thomas will make enquiries to ascertain if Cllr Clamp can also become a formal PC representative of the Radcliffe Surgery Forum.

  • Planning & Environment

Applications: To Consider as per the attached list

It was Resolved: “The applications received were reviewed and the decisions taken as outlined on the

attached document.”

  • RBC Planning Decisions: To Note

It was Resolved: “Noted”       

  1. NCC Recommendations on Bingham Road Humped Zebra Crossing

Cllrs are concerned that the Bingham Road Humped Zebra Crossing is going ahead and are of the view that the existing one outside Tesco’s is adequate. Although this was a requirement for the William Davis development to provide an additional crossing, Cllrs feel this would be better placed on Cropwell Road.

  1. Station Adoption Community Group: To Consider a Partnership Working Group for Community Projects

Cllr Thomas made Cllrs aware of the ‘Community Rail Network.’ The Network fund relevant social work related to Station facilities and also support Train travel. This group also organised the funding of the artwork at Radcliffe Station and are always looking for sensible ways to use small amounts of money up to £2,000, for the benefit of the Community. In other areas support has been provided to children with learning and reading difficulties. This type of funding may be of future benefit to the Train Working

Group and may be also of interest to Cllrs involved in Community Projects. The Chairman suggested that some money could perhaps be used for Braille Train Timetables at the Station and Cllr Thomas

confirmed talks have taken place with East Midlands Train and visually impaired residents to make the Station more user friendly. It was also noted that the Radcliffe to Grantham platform does not comply with current regulations for wheelchair users and they have to do a round trip via Nottingham.  It was Resolved: “To approve that the Radcliffe Trains Working Group continue to liaise with the Community Rail Network for Radcliffe Community Projects in the future up to a value of £2,000.”

  1. Planning for the Future Govt White Papers

There had been a meeting today to brainstorm ideas and thoughts. The Chairman then asked for views from Cllrs who did not attend today’s meeting. Cllr Thomas asked for clarification if the number of homes due to be built in Rushcliffe will be increased and if so, would there also be an increase in affordable homes. RBC Cllr Upton confirmed secondary legislation dealing with Planning methodology would be dealt with quickly and secondary Legislation deals with affordable homes. There will be no change to house numbers for existing new developments, however it is proposed that there will be an 75% increase under secondary legislation for Rushcliffe, due to high land values.

                The Chairman invited all Cllrs to a further meeting next Monday to address the White Paper Consultation.

  1. Roadwork Bulletins

There were no Roadwork Bulletins.          

  1. Amenities

Hall Managers Report

              The PC Chairman thanked the Hall Manager for a brilliant job on virtual Village Show.  The Hall Manager

confirmed that she is being inundated with phone enquiries for using the Hall as some other local venues

are being closed as they cannot comply with current Covid 19 regulations.  Although this is positive news

for the PC, previous regular users of The Grange and Grange Hall are returning and are following strict

social distancing rules. Consequently, this has an effect on room numbers and the number of Groups

              allowed in the buildings at any one time which in turn decreases the amount of new Groups that can be

              accepted. It was noted the all Hirers attending the Hall are being very fastidious in complying with Govt

              Guidelines. Was pleased to see PC Caretaker Don Rigby return to work today and also the Ceroc Dance

                Group will also be returning to the Hall shortly. Ceroc are delighted at the reduction in rates however

              only 20 people at any one time will be taking part in dancing sessions.

  1. Skatepark Update

The Amenities Chairman also thanked the Hall Manager for her fantastic work on the Village Show. There are still issues with the skatepark lighting and landscaping. a meeting was held last Monday between the Clerk, Amenities Chairman and a member of the Skatepark Committee regarding lighting but unfortunately, the problem has not been resolved and the lights are still not working. This has been reported back to Abacus Lighting Contractors last Friday and it is hoped the problem can be resolved asap. Although lighting is beneficial in the evening there needs to be a cut-off point where the lights go off at 9pm.

There is also a corner of the skatepark landscaping that has historically collected water. Drainage had been addressed and it was understood to be working fine. Due to excessive skatepark use during lockdown however this area has not been draining away correctly. The grass in this area needs to be regrown to stop flooding and soil running into the drain. Quotes are now being sourced from Landscapers to rectify this problem.  

The PC has also received a new framed AO size print of the skatepark, and the PC Chairman and Amenities Chairman agreed that the Radcliffe Room would be the best room to hang the print. 

  1. To Re-consider Widening of Slack Hollow Entrance for Brush Cutting Access (Requested by Cllrs Clamp, Douglas and McLeod)

Noted and discussed. There were disagreements as to whether the area at the Lily Ponds should be maintained to such a standard , to be kept as natural as possible or whether access widening improvements, along with reclamation of nettle beds and a lockable gate should be introduced at the top of the Valley Road entrance to the Lily Ponds. There were potential Health and Safety issues regarding


the transport and use of widening machinery down the uneven slope and if this widening was to take place some Cllrs were very concerned about the potential of any unwanted vehicles driving around the Lily Pond paths. There were also concerns raised on the impact of nettle

clearance for any Lily Ponds wildlife and birds. The PC fully support the Radcliffe Volunteers and are grateful for all their hard work however, more information is required from the Group before the PC can give any further consideration to the issue.

It was Resolved: “That a lockable gate will not be introduced at the top of the Valley Road entrance to

the Lily Ponds.”

After further discussion It was Resolved: “The Radcliffe Conservation Volunteers to submit a technical proposal to include a method statement and more relevant information to the PC. The PC will then

review and re-consider widening of Slack Hollow Entrance for Brush Cutting Access in a year’s time”.

  1. Hollow Well Fence Repair: To Note N.C.C will Undertake Repair to Wooden Access Fence

Noted. This will be regularly monitored.

  1. Bungalow Tenancy: Expires 18 December

The Managing Agents will ask the PC if they wish to readvertise rental of the bungalow or offer a tenancy extension of the bungalow to the current occupiers. Under the Covid regulations the PC will be offering another six months tenancy, whether or not the tenant stays. A full inspection will be required before a new agreement is signed up. It was Resolved: “If a full inspection by a PC Representative and Managing Agent proves satisfactory the current Bungalow occupier will be offered a further 6 months tenancy agreement under current arrangements.”

  1. Finance and General Purposes

To Consider a Working Group to Recommend Policy on Village Emergency Contact Database

Noted. Under GDPR Emergency Village Volunteers were asked if they wished to ‘opt in’ to the current contact database. It has been a disappointing response however as only 73 volunteers now wish to opt in to the list. The PC Chairman suggested that a formal announcement is made via Social Media ‘Radcliffe to the Rescue’ and include the list of the roads without Volunteers and await a response. This announcement will be made following expected Govt guidelines tomorrow. The PC Chairman and Cllrs McLeod, and Foster will form a Working Group and arrange a meeting to discuss the way forward.

  • Press and Publicity Working Group – Update

The Press and Publicity Working Group recently held a good and informative meeting. The notes from the meeting were considered including the suggestion that each month a Cllr will write an article for the ROTPC website. It was noted that the ROTPC website will be closed on Wednesday and Thursday this week for accessibility maintenance. The Clerk is unclear regarding the term ‘optimising the website’ as currently an online search for Radcliffe on Trent Parish Council reveals this is the first website the user is drawn to. It may be possible that a link to the ROTPC website from a Grange Hall online post could be classed as ‘optimising’ however Cllr Douglas will be setting up a further Working Group Meeting so this issue can be raised at that time.

                The PC Chairman and other Cllrs confirmed they were still having issues with the ROTPC email

account. Currently it costs the PC £5 per user per annum for this facility and is GDPR compliant as it is

web based and it is not on Cllrs computers. Google has been suggested as an alternative however

there is GDPR security issues to investigate for Cllrs and charges £5 per user per month. This is a

difference of £90 or £900 per annum.  The Clerk then asked that Cllrs should email her with any

ROTPC email issues so they can be resolved asap.

  • Income and Expenditure Figures and Payments August 2020           

Noted and accepted.  Payments: £11,000 from last year’s budget figures has been spent on play equipment, which is very much appreciated in Radcliffe. The PC Chairman was unclear of pension licence fees and monthly ‘Streamline’ services listed. A brief explanation as why these services are required by the PC was given however the Chairman will now visit Sally Horn at the PC Office to discuss further. Net Results: Money has been returned to Hall Clients for events cancelled in August.

       The Contingency figures are raised to allow for the current pandemic and any other unexpected issues

       such as sinkholes. Income Budget: Cemetery figures noted, although these are very difficult to forecast

       Exp Budget: The Culvert repair payment will be paid out of the Grounds maintenance budget funds. The

      Growth Board meeting is on Wednesday and Public Realm will be on the agenda.

The Clerk asked for an indication of the cost of a new Grange Grounds Gazebo from the Working

Group. Cllr Clegg confirmed that gazebos between a price range of £6,000 up to £35,000 had been considered. Discussions are still in process regarding potential planning issues and to decide the best type of gazebo for the PC and Grange Grounds.

  • Rolling Budget No. 2 August 2020

Noted and accepted.

       23    Correspondence

NALC: Remote Council Meetings

Noted. It was the view of the Chairman how much better and more desirable it was to partake in face to face meeting for 5 people and two on zoom held today compared with a full zoom meeting.  The current NALC arrangements for virtual Council meetings will continue for the foreseeable future.

  • EMR Regional Services: Survey and Future Consultation

Cllr Thomas completed this via survey monkey on behalf of the Train Working Group. This pre-empts a formal review of the regional timetable and full consultation which is an opportunity for a more frequent train service in Radcliffe. Cllr Thomas will report back to Full Council with progress updates. It was noted the railway Industry is in a current state of crisis so it is unclear how it will be operating in the future.

       25    Unitary Authority Correspondence NCC and RBC

Noted. For Cllrs information. RBC Cllr Upton has had no information at all regarding Unitary Authority Correspondence. Cllr Thomas had seen a link on local Social Media to the NCC consultation, although the Clerk confirmed there had been no official notification of this in the office. Cllr Clegg had also seen information regarding the Unitary Authority, so she will forward this onto the Clerk to cascade to Cllrs.

  • NALC 75th AGM: Voting Delegates x 2

The PC Chairman and Cllr Clegg volunteered to represent the PC at the NALC 75th AGM at 7.30pm on Thursday 19th November.

27   Councillors and Outside Organisations Reports

  • The PC Chairman had received an expression of interest for a new PC Cllr. Barbara Deavin was hoping to re-join the PC (Agenda item at the next meeting).

28   Reports from Borough and County Councillors

                RBC Cllr Roger Upton:

  • At 2pm tomorrow is representing RBC at the joint Planning Advisory Forum. The Local Plan Part 1 review will be an important agenda item for discussion.
  • Also, on Wednesday 30th September is chairing the Local Development Forum where there will be a closed discussion for feedback from tomorrow’s meeting and to discuss secondary legislation. This meeting will involve representation from all parties at the RBC. Information and recommendations will then be fast tracked back to cabinet meetings, through to Govt.
  • The Planning proposals are the biggest changes since WW2, Gotham PC has submitted their response to the White paper and Radcliffe PC will be submitting their views next week. It is in the Govt manifesto to build a minimum of 300,000 new homes a year in the UK. This has not been achieved for decades and the Govt regards the Planning process as a major obstacle. These homes are required for an aging population net immigration and a rise in birth rates.
  • CIL money will be triggered in the future by the William Davis development. It is also unclear if all seven road names submitted to William Davis by the PC will be used and approved by the Post Office. Cllr Upton will chase this up with the Developers tomorrow and report back.

        The Chairman to move that the press and public be excluded from the meeting during consideration of item 14 on the

        grounds that it involves the likely disclosure of exempt information as defined in “Section 1(2) of the Public Bodies

       (Admissions to meetings) Act 1960.”


        29   To Accept the Minutes of the Personnel and wages Sub Committee Meeting Held 09.09.2020

              It was Resolved: “That the Personnel and Wages Sub Committee Meeting Held 09.09.2020 are

        30  Date of Next Full Council Meeting: 05 October 2020, 7pm via Zoom

                There being no further business, the meeting closed at 8.55pm

Planning Decisions

DRAFTPLANNING DECISIONS CV19 11. (21st September 2020 Remote Meeting)

RBC RefDateApplicantLocationDetailsDecVoteComments
20/02173/FUL14.09.20James Spencer36 Orford AvenueErection of first floor side and single storey rear extension and pitched roof to existing porch and garageDNO10 FOR 2 ABS 
20/02184/FUL14.09.20Ms Elston11 Nottingham RoadGarage conversion into home studio and officeDNOUNAN 

Rushcliffe Borough / County Council Decisions

RefApplicantLocationDetailsP.C DecPC CommentsRBC Dec
20/01070/FULMr and Mrs AllsHouse on the Hill 1 Dewberry LaneErection of a new single storey extension. Construction of a new alternative access route and bridge structure off Cropwell Road for the existing property DNOGrant Permission
20/01444/FULMiss Caroline Franklin21 Chatworth AvenueConstruction of first floor extension above existing garageDNOGrant Permission