Full Council Remote Meeting Minutes 29.6.2020

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Full council minutes 29.6.20 remote meeting fin

PlanningList CV19 June 29 2020 no. 6


Minutes of the Extraordinary Full Council Committee Meeting, held by remote zoom video conference

on Monday 29th June 2020 at 7pm

Cllr Abby J Brennan (A) Cllr Maggie Clamp Cllr Lorraine Foster (Ab) Cllr Tracy James  Cllr Gillian Dunn Cllr Diane Farthing
Cllr David Graham Cllr Harry Curtis  
Cllr Alan R Harvey Cllr Anne McLeod   Cllr Alan Rybacki (Ab)   Cllr Alice Tomlinson  Cllr Sonal Modhvadia                             
Cllr Josephine Spencer (PC Chairman), Cllr Sue Clegg (PC Vice Chairman)

 Also present: Jacki Grice (Parish Clerk), Lisa Simpson (Hall Manager), Sally Horn (Accounts Clerk), Cllrs

                         Roger Upton and Neil Clarke (Rushcliffe Borough Council) and five members of the public

  1. Apologies for Absence

Cllr Abby Brennan

  • Declarations of Interest


  • Minutes of the Full Council Remote Meeting held on 15th June 2020 for Approval

Resolved: “That the minutes were approved as an accurate record and will be signed by the Chairman 
      at the next available meeting.”

  • Chairman’s Announcements
  • With the current lock down being eased slightly from Saturday 4th July, the Chairman wishes all of Radcliffe on Trent to enjoy but be sensible and safe.
  • The mask and bag makers of Radcliffe on Trent are now coming to an end. We all should be very proud of them for doing a splendid job during lockdown.
  • Street volunteers are still needed and are still continuing to help the vulnerable. The Chairman will be approaching the Council to put a bench in the grounds of The Grange to commemorate all the volunteers that have helped in these trying times.
  • Clerks Report on Previous Minutes

M. 5 / M.9 The Hardship  Application request has been sent to RBC Finance Executive for consideration, a response has been received and no grant has been offered only a loan on a similar basis to the Government Small Business Bounce Back Loan Scheme.

Cllr Alan Harvey read out a statement stating the financial impact of the Pandemic on the Parish Council and his disappointment with the decision. The Clerk has asked for an official response from the Executive Finance Officer at Rushcliffe Borough Council, regarding the letter from the MP Robert Jenrick stating that funds were to be made available to Parish and Town Councils but is awaiting a response.  Cllr Alan Harvey proposed some recommendations in response that will be put forward at the next F&G Meeting. 

M9. There has been no call for an election with regard to the Council vacancy therefore the Council can now co-opt to fill the vacancy.

M.11 The new litter bin for the Skate Park has arrived and arrangements are being made for the installation.

M.12 The Clerk asked Cllrs wishing to attend the Neighbourhood Plan Zoom meeting to respond with availability for the meeting.

M15 The AGAR has been submitted. The external auditor PKF Littlejohn LLP has not responded yet.

M20 The Audit Working Group have met and will be meeting again mid-July. There will be a progress report with recommendations at a future meeting.

M19 The Clerk advised the Carnival Committee of the decision not to support the Carnival this year due to the current COVID19 guidelines. The Carnival Committee has not yet responded.

M22, The play areas are due to open on Saturday 4th July, pending the risk assessments in line with government guidelines.


M,25 No quote has been received yet for the culvert repairs on Wharf Lane Rec.  Fencing has been put around the damaged culvert to make the area safe.

  • Open Session for Members of the Public to Raise Matters of Council Business, Limited to 15 Minutes
  • Standing Orders were suspended at 7.19pm

The Chairman from Trent Community First Responders reported about the loss of charity money this year due to COVID19. They are a registered charity and rely on funds to carry out the day to day duties in conjunction with 999 calls in the area of Radcliffe on Trent and surrounding Rushcliffe areas. No grants have been required from the Parish Council for four years, but it is thought that a grant application will be sought in 2021 to help with lease cars, defibrillator batteries and uniforms etc.

A parishioner brought to council’s attention the lack of toilets at the new Skate Park and the mess that has been left behind. Would it be possible to utilise the pavilion for the toilets and other things to generate money?

The Chair of the Radcliffe Conservation Group gave the following report: the mower from Cropwell Butler has proved to be too heavy.  So they will be going back to RBC to use the robotic mower for September. A meeting is still required with EMEC to find a route down to the river, it will be more than likely go down the Valley Road steps. A small amount of clearance work will be needed in July and August.

There is still quite a lot of litter down at the Lily Ponds. The litter will be collected by the Conservation Group and separated into glass and plastics. The ground staff will be notified when this has been completed.

  • Standing Orders resumed at 7.32pm


  • Planning Applications as per the attached list

It was Resolved: “The applications received were reviewed and the decision taken as outlined on the

attached document.”

  1. Recent Rushcliffe Borough Council Decisions as per the attached list

It was Resolved: “Noted”

11 Train Station Update: RBC are working on a funding application for £50,000 to submit to the DfT for an improved local rail service through Radcliffe on Trent. If successful costings would need to be sourced in detail.

Resolved: Accepted and Noted.


        12  Grant Application; Radcliffe on Trent Bowling Club – Pavilion refurbishment.

It was Resolved: “to defer the application to 2021 due to the uncertainty of the Parish Councils future financial position.”

  1. Press and Publicity : Notes and recommendations from the working group zoom meeting held on 9.6.20 included:
  2. To continue using Grange Hall Facebook for Council news
  3. Youtube for Grange Hall Marketing
  4. Social media policy needed
  5. Newsletter future format
  6. Q&A Zoom public meeting
  7. Website Accessibility Audit


Cllr Harvey would draft a report for the next meeting.

Resolved: Accepted and Noted.

  1. Amenities
  2. Hall Managers Report
  3. The Clerk and Hall Manager have been working through The Hall and Hirers risk assessments to enable a smooth opening of the building for hire, when appropriate. More detailed guidelines are still required.
  4. Two groups have already asked for a discount on bookings for when they return. The Hall Manager has advised them to apply to the Parish Council for a grant.
  5. There was a break in at the Post Office in the early hours of Monday 30th June. The Police obtained very clear footage of the gentleman, already in custody to help with their enquiries.
  6. RadCooks are going from strength to strength but are going to remain in their own kitchens for now.
  7. A questionnaire has been sent out to all regular hirers to seek information on their return. Many of the smaller groups will return as soon as allowed and the larger groups will return when they have more Government guidelines for large gatherings.
  8. Play Equipment: update
  9. The Grange Play Park looks amazing and age appropriate for the park.
  10. The Wharf Lane Rec Park has been painted and looks great. When the park is open, signs will be put up in all areas encouraging all to wash their hands when home. A tidy up is needed to take away any old cable ties and general tidy up of the whole area. The basket swing will be fitted at the end of July.
  11. The Tractor Park is in need of a small tidy up. Cllr Jo Spencer and Cllr Alice Tomlinson will go up there before the park opens on Saturday 4th July. The painting of the tractor and slide is imminent. There is a fallen tree that is deteriorating into a suitable bug hotel.
  12. 19 Rockley Avenue: residents have now moved into the bungalow on a 6 month tenancy, the full 6 months rent has been paid in advance
  13. Trees Memorial Park:

Resolved “that the neighbouring property is permitted to contract the work for thinning of some adjacent trees at their expense.”

Cliff Top Bin Request:

Resolved “to monitor how the litter still collates after normality resumes, with the ease of the lock down”.

  1. NALC Model Member Code of Conduct Consultation:

Resolved “Consultation responses to be made directly (link to make available) or via the Clerk.” The consultation period ends 17th August.2020”.


  1. Conservation Group

Regarding grass cutting works on Dewberry Hill. This will be put on the next agenda.

  1. Letter from ‘The Craft Fairies’ wishing to do a treasure hunt in The Grange grounds and put hearts on the Magnolia Tree.                                                                                                                                     Resolved “The Hall Manager will contact the group for more details, to ascertain the numbers of people attending to keep in line with social distance guidelines”.
  1. A request for an area to be filled with painted pebbles and concrete from children to recognise the historic moment in time
    Resolved “for an official detailed proposal to be brought to council for consideration.
  1. Letter received for a memorial bench to be placed on the grounds of The Grange:

Resolved “no objection to putting the bench within the grounds of The Grange, just in front of Grange Hall (on the grassed area).


  • Roadworks

The works on Shelford Road should be completed by Friday 3rd July.

  • Councillors and Outside Organisations Reports

Cllrs Harvey and Clegg attended a CCLA webinar recently. The average age of a Parish Councillor is now 61! Items discussed were ‘Building Community Leadership’ and ‘The need to grow precepts and reserves’.

Cllr Curtis has been approached to do a charity Boules Match in the grounds. Cllr Curtis has been advised to ask the Boules Committee to write to the Clerk with more details.

Cllr James reported that ROTSA has been approached by a group to run activities for children in the summer. Radcliffe Olympic were also approached. This request was turned down because of the fear of social gatherings.

The concrete blocks are still in situ at Bingham Road playing fields.

  • Reports from Borough and County Councillors

Cllr Upton advised that any recommendations/correspondence regarding the Hardship Application should be aimed at Rushcliffe Borough Council. Cllr Upton also reported that he is working far more in this time of lock down and does NOT claim any expenses. Cllr Upton also reported that the allowances have stayed the same.

Full Council Thursday 2nd July at Rushcliffe Borough Council via YouTube, regarding the election of the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and the relevant committee members.

The New Strategic Development Plan, The Greater Nottingham looks in the time frame up to 2038. The current Local Development Plan runs from 2018-2028. This has to be reviewed every 4 years.  The first step of the consultation plan will run from 6th July to 14th September. It will be gathering public comments and parish council comments on two different plans. The two are, north of Shelford Road going into Shelford parish, the Crown Farm and Hall Farm, south of the A52.

Cllr Clarke reiterated the same as Cllr Upton stating that the loan offered to the Parish Council were the same as the loans offered to businesses to help in the COVID crisis. The repayments would start to be paid back after 6 months. Cllr Clarke also reported that the Borough have been governed by The Government on this decision.

Cllr Clarke and all other Radcliffe Borough Councillors have offered funding for PPE for the opening of The Grange and Grange Hall.

Planning Committee at Rushcliffe Borough Council are back to full strength.

  • Full Council/Committee Meeting Schedule: to consider

Resolved “the next Full Council Meeting to be held on 13 July and an extraordinary Finance and General Purposes Meetting to be held on 20th July, both at 7pm.” Further meeting dates to be confirmed.

      24   Date of Next Full Council Meeting – 13th July 2020 – 7pm via Zoom.

             There being no further business, the meeting closed at 8 35pm. 

Planning Decisions

PLANNING DECISIONS CV19  6. (29th June 2020 Remote Meeting)

RBC RefDateApplicantLocationDetailsDecVoteComments
20/01267/TPO09.06.20Mr Whitehall2 Serpentine Close, Upper SaxondaleTrees: T1 (Beech) Crown reduce by 3m overall and remove epicormics growth to 6m. Reason: Tree has outgrown its allotted space and to allow more light inDNOUNANREFER TO RBC TREE OFFICER
20/01333/TPO12.06.20Mr Stevenson1 Serpentine Close, Upper SaxondaleTrees: T1 (Chestnut) Crown Thin 25% (allow more light) and crown lift to 4.5m Reason: low obstructive crown and allow more lightDNOUNANREFER TO RBC TREE OFFICER
20/01320/TPO12.06.20Mr Ferrier8 Covent Gardens(Revised description) Tree: T1 (Oak Tree) felled/cutback to at least 50% of current size. Reason: Excessive shading over rear garden and rear of house. Blocks all sunlight into rear garden and rear of house. To allow light into rear of gardenOBJ11 FOR 1 AGREFER TO RBC TREE OFFICER   FELLNG OR 50% REDUCTION IS EXCESSIVE
20/01370/TPO16.6.20Barratt North MidlandsRear of Chelsea Mews, Open Space, Upper SaxondaleTrees: T107 (Red Horse Chestnut) – remove, grind stump and replant. Reason: Barkwounds, Branch Stub evident, Limited future potential. Low crown form, Pruning wounds noted. Excessive canker in on north side of main stem
Trees: T108 (Red Horse Chestnut) – remove, grind stump and replant. Reason: Bark wounds noted, Branch stubs evident, Limited future potential, low crown form, Pruning wounds noted, excessive canker in on north side of main stem, Bleeding canker of horse chestnut Trees: T122 (English Oak) prune back to suitable growth points to property boundary. Reason Overhanging property boundary
N.C.C REF FR3/4141   RBC REF

  16.06.20N.C.C Children and Families  R.O.T Junior School, Cropwell RoadTime limited retention of the temporary building (ref:8/17/00134/CTY) as classroom/teaching space, and partial change of use to site construction office and welfare facilities for work at R.O.T Junior School (ref:8/17/01143/CTY)DNOUNAN 
20/01399/FUL      22.6.20Gillet20 Bingham RoadExtension to existing drop kerbDNOUNAN 

Rushcliffe Borough / County Council Decisions

RefApplicantLocationDetailsP.C DecPC CommentsRBC Dec
20/00950/FULMrs Wardle7 Whitehall Court, Upper SaxondaleErection of single storey rear extension  DNO  –Grant Permission