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Please refer to the Planning and Environment Committee Minutes for regular updates from the Parish Councillors sitting on the CAB board.


The key objective for Hutton’s communications team is to engage local communities and stakeholders frequently, consistently and transparently. We do so in part through Community Advisory Boards (CABs).

The Radcliffe-upon-Trent CAB is made up of representatives from the parish council, county council, residents’ associations, Nottinghamshire Police, the local church and other key local stakeholders. By bringing together representatives of Hutton and CAB members we can identify and address any issues relating to our activity in the local area.

The views of the local community will be taken into account during the planning process and throughout our occupation of the site.

Radcliffe on Trent CAB Meetings:

Harlequin 3 CAB Agenda 23 April 2015
Harlequin 3 CAB Meeting Minutes 23 April 2015
Harlequin 3 CAB Agenda 19 May 2015
Harlequin 3 CAB Meeting Minutes 19 May 2015
Harlequin 3 CAB Agenda 24 June 2015
Harlequin 3 CAB Meeting Minutes 24 June 2015
Harlequin 3 CAB Agenda 06 October 2015
Harlequin 3 CAB Meeting Minutes 06 October 2015


Below you can find a list of questions and topics that have been presented by the Community Advisory Board and local residents. If you have any further queries that are not answered here then please let Hutton Energy know via their feedback page.Frequency Asked Questions

For further information visit
Link to Environment Agency
Link to Nottinghamshire County Council

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Radcliffe on Trent Supplementary Questions