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Meeting of the Finance and General Purposes Committee including Amenities Committee

meeting of the Finance and General Purposes Committee including Amenities Committee is to be held by video conference at 7pm on Monday 22 March 2021. Members of the public are invited to attend and listen to the proceedings. (Zoom meeting access details attached)

In the interests of transparency, the council asks that any person wishing to record the meetings proceedings informs the Chairman prior to the start of the meeting and that recording equipment is on view. There is an Open Session on the Agenda at which time members of the public are invited to raise any matters pertaining to the work of the committee, limited to fifteen minutes, during which time Standing Orders will be suspended.


  1. Apologies for Absence
  2. Declarations of Interest 
  3. Chairman’s Announcements
  4. Minutes of the Finance and General Purposes/Amenities Meeting held 22 February 2021 for Approval
  5. Clerks Report on Previous Minutes
  6. Open Session for Members of the Public to Raise Relevant Matters, Limited to 15 Minutes

                Finance and General Purposes

  • Income/Expenditure Figures and Payments – February 2021
  • Finance and General Purposes Committee Actual vs Budget & Forecast  April 2020- March 2021
  • Grant Requests: a) Radcliffe Community Garden

                          b) Radcliffe Junior School – Nature Project


  1. Grange, Hall and Grounds

a)  Lifting of Restrictions and Pricing: To Review

b)  To Consider a New Regular P.C Event for Young Mums

c) The Grange External Building Survey: To Consider

d) Grange Grounds Improvement Scheme: Update and To Progress

  1. Wharf Lane
  2. Zipwire Update
  3. Parachute Jump Request
  4. Skatepark Update and Team Rubicon Proposal
  5. Pop up Trading: Policy Clarification
  1. Valley Road Sink Hole: To Consider
  2. Rockley Park: To Consider Bench Request and Confirm Policy
  3. Trees: To Arrange a Working Group Meeting to Review and Prioritise Recent Surveys, Quotations and Resident Correspondence & Make a Recommendation
  4. A52 Junction Draft Orders: (Triangle of land Bingham Rd): To Consider Comments from Recent Meeting held with Highways England.
  5. Nature Reserves: To Review Working Group Membership inclusive of Radcliffe Conservation Group (non Cllrs).
  6. Leisure Provision in the Village: To Consider
  7. Correspondence: Grange Grounds
  8. Cllrs Reports
  9. Date of Next Meeting: 26 April 2021

J. Grice