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Mindless Vandalism


The Council has been advised that the toilet cannot be used until it has been serviced by the supplier – at an additional cost f approximately £100..
This cannot be done now until Monday at the earliest, so the facilities will not be available at all at the weekend.
The incident has been reported to police.

Accessible temporary toilet on Recreation Ground toppled over.

Putting a temporary toilet down at the Rec. for the summer holidays was a leap of faith by the Council.  Although expensive, we recognised that there was a real need and tried to address it. 

The toilet has been there for over 3 weeks, with no vandalism.  Users at the Rec. have thanked us as it means young families can play there for longer.  Parish Council staff and Councillors have done regular, daily checks to clean the toilet and ensure that it is as pleasant as possible for users.

One small group of people has tried to destroy that facility.  Whoever you are, your selfish stupidity has impacted on many others.

The toilet cost £900 for the duration of the summer holidays, if possible, we will arrange to repair and re-site it.  There will be a cost implication for this, so we won’t be able to do it a second time.

If you have any information about who the vandals were, please contact the Police by calling 101 or the Parish Council.

Thank you.

Anne McLeod

Chair of the Parish Council