Full Council Remote Meeting Minutes 13.7.2020

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Minutes of the Extraordinary Full Council Committee Meeting, held by remote zoom video conference

on Monday 13th July 2020 at 7pm

Cllr Abby J Brennan Cllr Maggie Clamp (A) Cllr Lorraine Foster Cllr Tracy James  Cllr Gillian Dunn Cllr Diane Farthing
Cllr David Graham Cllr Harry Curtis  
Cllr Alan R Harvey Cllr Anne McLeod   Cllr Alice Tomlinson  (A) Cllr Sonal Modhvadia (A)                           
Cllr Josephine Spencer (PC Chairman), Cllr Sue Clegg (PC Vice Chairman)

 Also present: Jacki Grice (Parish Clerk), Lisa Simpson (Hall Manager), Sally Horn (Accounts Clerk), Cllrs

                         Roger Upton and Neil Clarke (Rushcliffe Borough Council) and two members of the public

  1. Apologies for Absence

Cllrs Maggie Clamp, Sonal Modhvadia and Alice Tomlinson.

  • Casual Vacancies: To consider expression of interest for the Office of Councillor and Co-option to fill a vacancy.

Resolved: “An applicant has been identified and the vacancy has been filled by Matthew Douglas- Kirk by co-option.  Cllrs agreed Cllr Douglas-Kirk could start with immediate effect as due to the meeting being held remotely the Declaration of Acceptance of Office will be signed at a later date.”

now 2 vacancies that be co-opted immediately (arising from lack of candidates in May 19) and a further 2 that may be able to be filled by cooption after notice period ends of 10 Aug for Abby and Alan  (so 4 vacancies altogether)   Matt took John Addiscotts vacant seat.

  • Declarations of Interest

All Full Council Members – Planning Application Cllr Gillian Dunn. Ref 20/01424/FUL

  • Minutes of the Full Council Remote Meeting held on 29th June 2020 for Approval

Resolved: “That the minutes were approved as an accurate record and will be signed by the Chairman 
      at the next available meeting.”

  • Chairman’s Announcements
  • Delighted that families are coming to use the Grange Grounds this week.
  • The Chairman has received a message from a parishioner to consider putting a gate across the access near Hunt close (Just above the steps into the car park). This has been discussed previously at an Amenities meeting (Monday 25th November 79/19 M17. It was thought not necessary to add another gate, but warning signs were put up instead.
  • Sorry to see that Cllr Alan Rybacki has resigned from the Parish Council due to work commitments.
  • A letter from Rob Elliott, Little Red Coffee Van has been received to see if he could trade down at the Recreation Ground, Wharf Lane. (see M13a)
  • Road works confirmation of a survey from Lees Barn to Golf Road pavements.
  • Greater Nottingham Strategic Plan Consultation A working party will be formed to consider a response to recommend to Council. Cllr Anne McLeod will lead and Chair this group and work with the Trains Working Party. Deadline date 14th September 2020. ( This will be on the Agenda for 17 August after the Working Group has met)
  • Clerks Report on Previous Minutes

M.11 The new litter bin for the Skate Park has arrived, the concrete has been put down and the bin will be placed in situ this week. More bin emptying has been arranged for Skatepark area only until September when schools go back

M22 The play areas opened on Saturday 4th July, various posters were put up in relation to COVID19 safety.

M25 One quote has been received for the culvert repairs on Wharf Lane Rec.  Other quotes are been obtained. Fencing is still around the damaged culvert to make the area safe.

M5 – M22 Money has been obtained from Rushcliffe Borough Cllrs for buying PPE for the safe opening of Grange Hall and the staff. Thank you to Cllr Roger Upton who gave £200, Cllr Neil Clark – £200 and Cllr Abby Brennan – £50.  A site meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 14th July with the Chair’s to go through the appropriate Risk Assessments’ for the Hall opening.


  • Open Session for Members of the Public to Raise Matters of Council Business, Limited to 15 Minutes
  • Standing Orders were suspended at 7.12pm

RBC Roger Upton discussed the Culvert repairs at the Recreation Ground and who’s responsible. The Clerk has done extensive checks with Severn Trent and Nott’s County Council whom all report that the Parish Council are liable as the land / riparian owner.

The Chair of the Radcliffe Conservation Group gave the following report: four sessions of Himalayan Balsam removal have taken place down the river bank and in the woodland area near the weir, thus totalling 48 hours work. Also the minor paths have been cut totally a further 26 hours.

Dewberry Hill – 4 moth surveys have been completed with another due in two weeks’ time.

A meeting is still required with EMEC to find a route down to the river, it will be more than likely go down the Valley Road steps. This meeting is due week beginning 20th July. A small amount of clearance work will be needed in July and August. The works are due in September.

The Chairman wished to thank the volunteers for the many hours that have been given for these projects.

A member of the Walking For Health Group reported that the walking group will be back in action in a couple of weeks. Confirmation was required that the village public toilets are open as well as Rockley Memorial Parks toilets open, in which they are. The Village toilets are open Monday – Saturday 8.30am – 4pm, Rockley Park toilets are open from 8.30am – 4pm Monday to Friday.

  • Standing Orders resumed at 7.22pm
  • Standing Orders re: Meetings
  • To review: introduction Committees and Voting Membership

Resolved “To continue with Full Council remote meetings only, F&GP members would hold working group meetings where necessary to make recommendations to Full Council, next one planned for 20th July. Therefore there is no change to the current Standing Orders.”

  • Full Council/Committee Meeting Schedule

It was Resolved; “To carry on holding virtual Full Council Zoom meetings on the following basis until further review:
27 July, 17 August, 7 September and thereafter every 2 weeks.


  1. Planning Applications as per the attached list

It was Resolved: “The applications received were reviewed and the decision taken as outlined on the

attached document. With exception of Ref 20/01424/FUL that was referred back to Rushcliffe Borough


  1. Recent Rushcliffe Borough Council Decisions as per the attached list

It was Resolved: “Noted”

13 Amenities

  1. Hall Managers Report

The Clerk and Hall Manager have been working through The Hall and Hirers risk assessments to enable a smooth opening of the building for hire in relation to the Governments guidelines to Covid19. A meeting will take place on Tuesday 14th July with the Chairs of the Committees to run through the details of the Risk Assessments for an opening date of the buildings for public use. Lisa to update on Slimming World etc during Hall Managers report on Agenda

  • Grange Grounds, Wharf lane and Rockley Park: policy on usage by community groups

It was Resolved: to allow community groups to use the grounds for social distance activities (within Government Guidelines). For community groups to let the Parish Council Office know, but to make it


known that they are public grounds and it is a first come first served basis. To also note that the Grange Hall toilets are not open for public use.

  • To advise the U3A Jive Group to use Wharf Lane as there may be more room.
  • To approve the Twinning Association to use the Boules Court on Sunday 26th July.
  • Lisa Update?
  • Dewberry Hill Grasslands: To consider noting recent correspondence from the Conservation Group:

It was Resolved: to cut the meadow area at the top of Woodland Close on Dewberry Hill. It is within the budget.

14   Roadworks

Noted: that there will be a survey done from Lees Barn to Golf Road to ascertain the state of the pavements.

  1. Correspondence
  2. Correspondence from The Little Red Van who would like to trade at the Recreational Ground for a fee.

It was Resolved; to allow The Little Red Van to trade down at the Recreational Ground for a fee. The finance working group to draw up a policy regarding trading with the grounds of the Parish Council. The Clerk to set an agreed fee. There will be a trial period for traders. Pricing policy on Agenda

  1. Councillors and Outside Organisations Reports
  2. Cllr Clegg reported that at the last Rushcliffe Borough Council Planning meeting, it turned down the planning application of 20/00910/OUT Between 110 and 112 due to Green Belt land.
  3. Cllr Graham thanked RBC Cllrs Brennan and Upton for taking a look at the Main Road and ways for improvement.
  4. Cllr Douglas thanked all for the welcome to the Parish Council.
  5. Cllr Foster reported that the Radcliffe to the Rescue has been quiet of late.
  6. Cllr James reported that Bingham Road pavilion may be open soon. Lots of discussions are taking place.
  7. The Clerk will look into the Zoom invite for meetings process. (not progressed due to security  still to send separate invites each time)
  1. Reports from Borough and County Councillors

Cllr Upton reported that there is a Cabinet meeting on Tuesday 14th July at 7pm and a Full Council meeting on Thursday 16th July at 7pm, both being live streamed on YouTube.

Business & Planning Bill going through Parliament at the moment. Whole host of issues that may benefit local Parish Councils.

Construction working hours will be changed to help the economy from 7am to 9pm, 6 days a week.

A plan to extend the planning permission times have been proposed.

Cllr Brennan reported that the Strategic Growth Board met last week it was set up to look at the economic growth. The subject last week was to see how to help local business. The local Rushcliffe Borough Cllrs met in Radcliffe on Trent and compiled a list after social distancing, talking to the local business and parishioners. Suggestions are:

  • Pedestrianise the Main Road
  • To make the road a one way system
  • Widen the pavement for additional seating
  • To add more rubbish bins
  • Additional seating

These papers were submitted back to the Growth Board. There is a European Grant but it can only be used for specific projects. Other funding sources are being sourced.


  1. Resolved

The Chair moved that the press and public be excluded from the meeting during consideration of item 15 on the grounds that it involves the likely disclosure of exempt information as defined in section 1 (2) of the Public Bodies (Admission to meetings) Act 1960.”

  1. To Accept the Minutes of the Personnel and Wages Sub Committee Meeting Held 17 June, 29 June and 8 July 2020

Resolved “That all three sets of minutes are accepted.”

       20  Date of Next Full Council Meeting – 27th July 2020 – 7pm via Zoom.

             There being no further business, the meeting closed at 8 44pm. 

Planning Decisions

PLANNING DECISIONS CV19  5. (13th July 2020 Remote Meeting)

RBC RefDateApplicantLocationDetailsDecVoteComments
20/01424/FUL23.6.20Gillian Dunn2 Beech CloseErection of single storey rear extensionF/C declared interest
20/01454/TPO25.6.20Robert Nowicki9 Berkeley Crescent, Upper SaxondaleTree (Oak): Crown lift to 5m. Crown thin 10% and prune. Reason: Remove dead wood and provide 1.5m clearance from property. Encroaching on property and reducing light to house and garden  DNO   Refer to Tree Officer
20/01487/FUL25.6.20Edward Henderson16 Johns RoadSingle storey side extension and internal alterationsDNO  
02/01444/FUL02.7.20Miss Caroline Franklin21 Chatsworth AvenueConstruction of first floor extension above existing garageDNO  

Rushcliffe Borough / County Council Decisions

RefApplicantLocationDetailsP.C DecPC CommentsRBC Dec
20/01048Mr Andy Elkington7 Hammersmith Close, Upper SaxondaleTrees: T2 Oak, T3 Oak, T4 Ash, T5 Oak, T6 Ash and T7 Ash need crown lifting to 6 metres. T8 Beech, T9 Oak and T11 Sycamore need to be felled. Reason – to let more light in DNORefer to Tree OfficerGrant Consent
20/01098/TPO  Mr Roger Marshall19 Chelsea Mews, Upper SaxondaleTrees: T1 Oak, Crown reduction and crown thinning (up to 3 metres) Epicormic thinning liift (up to 5 metres) Reason- tree overhangs next door neighbours garden cutting out a significant amount of light DNORefer to Tree OfficerGrant Consent
20/01055/FULMr Michael Whitby7 Oak Tree AvenueErection of single storey rear extension. Feature gable at roof level on front elevation. Replacement front porch; Render to front and rear of property; provision of raised patio at the rear  DNO___Grant Permission

PLANNING DECISIONS CV19  5. (15th June 2020 Remote Meeting)

Planning Decisions

20/01215/FUL8.6.2020Mr F Goulding15 Grantham RoadErection of two-storey rear extensionDNOunan 

Rushcliffe Borough / County Council Decisions

RefApplicantLocationDetailsP.C DecPC CommentsRBC Dec
20/00883/FULMr M Harrison18 New RoadErection of single storey side and rear extension, existing hipped roof removed, raised and replaced with slate covered gable end roof with twin dormers to the rear, erection of front porch  DNO  –Grant Permission