Full Council Remote Meeting Minutes 17.8.2020

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Minutes of the Extraordinary Full Council Committee Meeting, held by remote zoom video conference

on Monday 17th  August 2020 at 7pm

Cllr Maggie Clamp Cllr Matthew Douglas Cllr Lorraine Foster (from 7.12pm) Cllr Tracy James (Ab)  Cllr Gillian Dunn Cllr Diane Farthing
Cllr David Graham Cllr Harry Curtis  
Cllr Anne McLeod   Cllr Alice Tomlinson Cllr Sonal Modhvadia (Ab)                           
Cllr Josephine Spencer (PC Chairman), Cllr Sue Clegg (PC Vice Chairman)

 Also present: Jacki Grice (Parish Clerk), Sally Horn (Accounts Clerk), Cllrs Roger Upton, Abby Brennan and Neil Clarke (Rushcliffe Borough Council) and five members of the public

  1. Apologies for Absence

None received.

  • Declarations of Interest

Cllr Matthew Douglas –. Agenda Item 13g – Rockley Park Wellbeing Sessions Request

  • Council Vacancy: To Note Expression of Interest and Consider Co-option

Resolved “That the casual vacancy is filled by co-option. Phil Thomas will be asked to complete the Declaration of Acceptance prior to the next meeting.”

  • Minutes of the Full Council Extraordinary Remote Meeting held on 27th July 2020 for Approval

Resolved: “That the minutes were approved as an accurate record and will be signed by the Chairman 
      at the next available meeting save for the following amendments”

  • Cllr Kay Cutts is noted as a meeting attendee.
  • M18 is amended to Standing Orders Reinstated at 8.15pm
  • Chairman’s Announcements
  • Cllr Alan Harvey has resigned and the vacancy is currently advertised.
  • The Grange, Cliff Top and Memorial Park have been fantastic and well used facilities during these difficult times and hopes that these areas can continue to be improved and enhanced.
  • Clerks Report on Previous Minutes

M7. In response to residents complaining of anti social behaviour issues on Wharf Lane, mainly noise pollution. A banner will be erected this week asking users to be respectful of neighbours and to also take litter home if the bins are full. The Police have been asked to make regular visits to the area.

It was noted that it can difficult to reach the Local Beat Manager and other officers at times. Cllr Clegg will raise this when the Police Priority Setting meetings resume. It was noted that residents should make complaints of incidents to the Police directly for incident/crime references to be allocated.

M.12 There has been no progress with the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group. However it was noted that the budget review needs to assess whether funds are available in order to continue with a NP review. Any recommendations will be brought back to Full Council.

M.19e A Publicity and Publications Working Group meeting is to be arranged in the future. In the meantime Cllrs are asked to send any suggestions for the website to the Clerk.

  • Open Session for Members of the Public to Raise Matters of Council Business, Limited to 15 Minutes
  • Standing Orders were suspended at 7.10pm

A resident thanked the Council and staff for their efforts maintaining and enhancing village facilities.

He requested that Parish, RBC and NCC Cllrs start work on infrastructure needs with regard to developer contributions. Concerns were raised with water pressure on Shelford Road and the new William Davies site connecting to the existing system. Traffic congestion and traffic calming measures


are needed and issues with the Health Centre capacity needs addressing. Frustrated at the lack of progress. Feels that the views of residents and the Neighbourhood Plan are ignored.

The PC Chair concurred with his thoughts and also added Leisure to the village need as outlined in the Neighbourhood Plan.

             Cllr Neil Clarke advised that progress is constrained by planning and national legislation and that Cllrs
             are  campaigning for a change in legislation so that the Government can fund infrastructure prior to
              development and then the developer pay it back when the dwellings are sold. Prior to the Lockdown
             discussions had begun with Health Centre partners and it is hoped that these can be resumed as soon
             as possible. It was noted that the 20mph speed limit in the centre of the village is under consideration by

             Cllr Brennan advised that representations have been made to N.C.C on many occasions regarding traffic
             calming measures on Shelford Road and lobbying will continue.

             Cllr Upton concurs that it is consistently difficult to turn left or right onto Shelford Road and feels that a       
              pedestrian crossing was more of priority in this area than outside Tesco on Main Road which already
              has a crossing nearby.

                The RCG Chair advised that Shelford Road drains need clearance work. The remote brush cutter is due
               at Dewberry Hill on 23 September and hopes that the access to the riverside works can be organised
               Enquired about cuts remaining at the Lily Ponds (N.C.C due again) A sign will be put up at the
               Dewberry Hill notice board asking residents to be vigilant following vandalism to the woodland area.
               Moth surveys carried out identified 10 species and may now meet the criteria for the site to be a Moths
              Wildlife Site. Has put forward suggestions for the RBC Tree Community Tree Scheme again.

  • Standing Orders resumed at 7.25pm
  1. Radcliffe to the Rescue: To Consider Database

Members noted the database of volunteers has been extremely useful to help residents during lockdown. The Pandemic isn’t over and the database may also be needed in the future, there may be other emergencies also such as flooding.

Resolved “To retain the database on the basis that all volunteers would be formally asked if they would like to remain on the database,(opt in or opt out) with a process of managing the data with regular reviews to comply with GDPR data retention requirements.”

  1. Representatives on Outside Organisations (vacancies to consider)

Resolved “To complete the listing with the following additions”

  • Radcliffe Community Plan – Cllrs Anne Mcleod & Jo Spencer
  • Police Priority Setting Meeting – Cllrs Alice Tomlinson. Di Farthing
  • Rural Community Action Nottinghamshire – Cllr Sue Clegg
  1. Confirmation of Committee and Working Group Membership

Members were provided with the current listing, Cllr Anne Mcleod requested to be a member of the Publicity and Publications Working Group.

  1. Budget 2021/22: To Submit Suggestions to Committee Chairs

Members were asked to consider any capital items to suggest for next years budget, proposals to be sent to Committee Chairs.

Planning & Environment

  1. To Elect a Vice Chair

Cllr Jo Spencer proposed Cllr Di Farthing, seconded by Cllr Sue Clegg.

Resolved “That Cllr Di Farthing is duly elected as the Planning and Environment Committee Vice Chair.”


  1. Attention was raised to the recent Govt White Paper setting out changes in the planninglegislation and the impact this will have. Planning applications would not be required for certain aspects of change of use and an increase in what is permitted development as long as the changes are in-keeping. However it was noted that without the formal application process who would judge and enforce what is in-keeping. Building regulations would still apply.
  1. Planning Applications as per the attached list  portal

It was Resolved: “The applications received were reviewed and the decisions taken as outlined on the

attached document.”

  1. Recent Rushcliffe Borough Council Decisions as per the attached list

It was Resolved: “Noted”

       18    Greater Nottingham Strategic Plan Consultation: To Approve Working Group Recommendations
               for Submission

               Cllr Mcleod presented the Working Groups recommendations to submit in response to the consultation.
               Thanks to Phil Taylor and Phil Thomas for their input.

               Resolved “The Clerk to submit the consultation response to the RBC Growth Options document as


  1. Great British Spring Clean: Update and Confirmation of Date for ROTPC Event

The Working Group considered an event and recommend that it does not go ahead this year. Residents, Ground staff and Streetwise have been keeping the village tidy and with the additional Covid issues it was felt that the event should not go ahead

Resolved: “Not to hold the Village Pick Event this year.”

        20  Roadworks Bulletins

                None received.


        21  Hall Manager Report

               In the Hall Managers absence, the Clerk advised that a few bookings had returned to the Hall and the
               Covid Risk Assessment procedures were working well. It was requested that the Budget Working
               Group consider a temporary pricing strategy that reflects the limited capacity of the venue at this time.
               Cllr Tomlinson would like to be part of this discussion. A budget review meeting is scheduled for 19
               August. Any recommendations to be brought back to Council for consideration.

        22  Rockley Bungalow: Pet Request

              The tenants are seeking permission to have a dog in the Bungalow.

               Resolved “To grant permission for one dog, the Clerk to advise the Letting Agents for it to be included
               in the terms and conditions of tenancy, noting the expectation that the cost of any damage to the
               property will be the responsibility of the tenants.

        23  RBC Community Tree Scheme             

        24  Standing Orders were suspended at 8.02pm to enable the Chair of the Radcliffe Conservation Group to
              speak to the meeting.

                The RCG Chair advised that due to the flooding of the Lily Ponds last year the planting of the trees was
               delayed, by the time planting could take place the trees provided were in poor condition and did not
               It is suggested that an application is made again to replace them as they should do well in damp

        25 Standing Orders were reinstated at 8.04pm

        26 Resolved: “That an application is made to the RBC Community Tree Scheme for x4 Alder, x3 Aspen and
             x3 English Oak for the Lily Ponds area.”


        27  Radcliffe Conservation Group: Consideration of Widening Slack Hollow Entrance

               The RCG ask the Parish Council to consider the widening of the Slack Hollow entrance fence to enable
               access for a remote brush/cutter mower to negotiate down to the Lily Ponds area.

                Resolved “Due to health and safety concerns with the current access being at the bottom of 3 slopes
              the widening of the Slack Hollow access fence was not permitted.”


        28  Competition

              An entry has been made for the Cemetery of the Year Award supported and endorsed by the ICCM,
              FBCA, SLCC, MAB and BRAMM. There will be £1000 prize money awarded to each category with a gold
              certificate. The outcome is awaited.

        29  Bench Donation Request

              Members considered a request to site a donated bench in the new extension part of the Cemetery.

              Resolved “To approve the request to site the bench adjacent to the Trees on the path side.

        30  Christmas Lighting Scheme

               It was agreed that it was too early to know if the usual event can go ahead, but the lighting scheme was

              Resolved “For the Clerk to make the arrangements for the installation of the same lighting scheme as
              last year. It is unknown if there will be an offer for the Christmas Tree to be sponsored this year.

        31  Rockley Park: Usage Request

              A resident is seeking permission to hold social distance wellbeing/outdoor nature sessions in Rockley
              Park for up to 12 people.

              Resolved “To permit the use of Rockley Park for the wellbeing sessions, advising that it is a public area
              and there are exclusive rights to use the area.”

        32  To Consider a Working Group to Progress a Wooden Gazebo Grange Grounds Proposal

              There was discussion on the benefits that an outdoor shelter/gazebo in Grange Grounds would
              bring considering the vast use of the Grounds in these current times. There is already an electrical
              supply at the 3 tier planter and the structure could be lit at night for additional security. The Gazebo
              could be used for general meeting space, bands for outdoor entertainment and an additional feature for
              the many weddings and events that take place at the Hall.

              It was agreed to form a Working Group to explore designs, costs and funding to bring a formal proposal
              back to Full Council. Members wishing to be involved in the Working Group to contact Cllr David

Finance and General Purposes

        33  To Elect a Chair

              Cllr Jo Spencer proposed Cllr Gillian Dunn, seconded by Cllr Sue Clegg

              Resolved “That Cllr Gillian Dunn is duly elected as Chair of the Finance and General Purposes  

        34  To Elect a Vice Chair

              Deferred until the next meeting, to give Cllrs the opportunity to consider nominees.

        35  Clarification on Meeting Dates + Full Council

               At the request of Cllrs Spencer, Clegg and Dunn, the meeting schedule is tabled for consideration and
               clarification again.

               Various scenarios were considered of the meeting formats and dates for the rest of the year for Full
               Council and Finance and General Purposes.

               Resolved “That all Committee business continues to be conducted under Full Council, Monday evenings

               fortnightly from 7 September.         


        36  To Approve Changes in Standing Orders and Financial Regulations

               As it was resolved that all Committee business continues under Full Council, there are no changes to the
               current Standing Orders and Financial Regulations.

        37  To Approve F&GP Terms of Reference (Budget Reviews)

               Resolved “To approve the revised Terms of Reference including the addition of a Budget Working Group,

               noting that all recommendations will be considered by Full Council under the Heading of Finance and

               General Purposes Committee for the time being.

  • Correspondence

Members were provided with the recent NALC briefing note advising of amendments that came into force on 01 August for the Local Authorities and Police and Crime Panels (Coronavirus) (Flexibility of

Local Authority and Police and Crime Panel Meetings) (England and Wales) Regulations 2020, attention was brought to:

  • Meeting zoom links/access codes to be provided with the council meeting notices for the public
  • Decisions and background papers to be made available by publishing them on the website.
  • Councillors and Outside Organisations Reports

Cllr Mcleod advised that the Johns Road 4 dwelling application was refused at 8/1 at the RBC Planning meeting.

Has received an email from a concerned resident about unauthorised encampments accessing the Memorial Park. It was noted that the space for turning vehicles would not enable access.

Cliff Top hedge cutting is needed. It was noted that this would be carried out in September due to the nesting season.

Radcooks have requested use of the Grange Hall on Christmas day to work together with two churches to provide a Christmas Lunch for those alone at Christmas. This would be put on the next Agenda for consideration.

Cllr Douglas asked the Clerk to send a note to the Red Coffee Van business owner to advise that his request to trade at Wharf Lane is still under consideration.

Cllr Foster agreed that to continue with the volunteer database would be a good thing. Also advised that the local Charity shops are in need of additional storage. This is not something that the Parish Council can assist with.

  • Reports from Borough and County Councillors

Cllr Clarke thanked Cllr Mcleod for attending the recent RBC planning meeting to speak to the 2 Johns Road application which was refused

Greenbelt review need to push for.

The potential Gazebo is an exciting proposal and offered a contribution from his Community fund.

 Cllr Brennan noted the variety of work that the Council is involved in and would like to see more
 communicated to the village to raise awareness.
 Supports the idea of a Gazebo in Grange Grounds.

 Will be submitting a response on the Greater Nottingham Strategic Plan consultation noting that
  the village has already been allocated a fair share of proposed development.

       41  Date of Next Full Council Meeting – 7th September 2020 – 7pm via Zoom.              There being no further business, the meeting closed at 8.45pm

Planning Decisions

PLANNING DECISIONS CV19 9. (17th August 2020 Remote Meeting)

RBC RefDateApplicantLocationDetailsDecVoteComments
20/01786/TPO30.7.20Mr David Shutter8 Westminster Drive, Upper SaxondaleTree: T1 (Tree of Heaven) Remove current wind blown branch. Target prune snag back to main stem. Reduce height by 4-5m back to suitable replacement branches. Target prune 2 lower south west facing branches back to structural stem. Target prune 1 lower north west facing branch back to main stem. Tree: T2 (Birch) Reduce entire crown by 4-5m back to suitable replacement branches, Keeping a uniformed crown.  DNO  UNAN  Refer to RBC Tree Officer
20/01796/TPO30.7.20Mr Alistair Hunt6 Hammersmith Close, Upper SaxondaleTrees: T1-T2 & T7 (Beech) Crown lift to 6m. T4 (Oak) FellOBJ  UNANTo the felling of the Oak only
20/01834/FUL31.7.20Mr A King76 Grantham RoadRoof remodelling on garage from flat to pitched roof with additional front porch and rendering  DNO  8 for 3 abs 

Rushcliffe Borough / County Council Decisions

RefApplicantLocationDetailsP.C DecPC CommentsRBC Dec
20/01333/TPOMr M Stevenson1 Serpentine CloseTrees: T1 (Chestnut) Crown thin 25% (allow more light) and crown lift to 4.5m. Reason: Low obstructive crown and allow more light DNORefer to Tree OfficerGrant Consent
20/01370/TPOBarratt North MidlandsRear of Chelsea Mews Open Space Upper SaxondaleTrees:T107 (Red Horse Chestnut) remove, grind stump and replant. Reason: Barkwounds, Branch Stub evident, Limited future potential. Low crown form. Pruning wounds noted. Excessive canker on  north side of main stem. Trees: T108 (Red Horse Chestnut) remove, grind stump and replant. Reason: Bark wounds noted, Branch stubs evident, Limited future potential, low crown form. Pruning wounds noted, excessive canker on north side of main stem. Bleeding canker of horse chestnut. Trees: T122 (English Oak) prune back to suitable growth points to property boundary. Reason: Overhanging property boundary DNORefer to Tree OfficerGrant Consent
20/01320/TPOMr Grant Ferrier8 Covent Gardens, Upper SaxondaleTree: T1 (Oak Tree) Felled/cutback to at least 50% of current size. Reason: Excessive shading over rear garden and rear of house. Blocks all sunlight into rear garden and rear of house. To allow light into rear of gardenOBJRefer to Tree Officer 50% reduction or felling is excessiveRefuse Consent
20/01399/FULGillet20 Bingham RoadExtension to existing drop kerbDNOGrant Permission