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THE PARISH COUNCIL: The Full Council meets once a month and is responsible for all the major decisions affecting policy and actions. Chair is Cllr Anne McLeod  and Vice-Chair is Cllr Matthew Douglas – Kirk.

It also has four Standing Committees.
PLANNING AND ENVIRONMENT: The  Committee is responsible for making comment to Rushcliffe Borough Council  on all planning applications that involve development in the village, from  a small conservatory to a major development of a new housing estate. The Committee can only make comments and is not responsible for the final decision on any application. Chair is Cllr Matt Douglas-Kirk and the Vice Chair is Cllr Nikki Farnworth

AMENITIES: The Amenities committee is responsible for the provision, improvement and maintenance of all public spaces owned by the Parish Council including; Dewberry Hill, The Lily Ponds, all play equipment including the Skate Park and Wharf Lane Recreation Ground. The committee also is responsible for the upkeep of Rockley Park, Cliff Walk and The Cemetery. If you would like to raise a matter for the Amenities Committee to consider, please contact the Clerk. The Chair of Amenities is Cllr Sue Clegg and the Vice Chair is Cllr Oliver Furniss.

FINANCE AND GENERAL PURPOSES (F&GP): This Committee looks at all expenditure of the Council and is responsible for the Council’s annual budget. It is also responsible for any grants that are made to local organisations. General day to day work of the Council comes under the control of the Committee of which the Chair is Cllr  Phil Thomas.

THE GRANGE AND GRANGE HALL:This committee is involved in the running of the Grange and Grange Hall facilities and building management, pricing policies, organisation of Council social events, PR and marketing. The Chair is Cllr Sue Clegg and the Vice Chair is Cllr Tracie Bere.