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Bestowed upon the village by  Lisle Rockley, the Memorial Park has sat proudly on the Cliffs for 90 years. As a huge asset to the people of Radcliffe, the Parish Council are actively seeking volunteers to assist in the Memorial Park’s on going upkeep, so if you are a dab hand at weeding, pruning, watering or painting, or just want to help out, please contact the Parish Clerk   

Neighbourhood Plan

What does it mean?
If there is a majority yes vote then the plan has to be adopted by the Borough Council. It would then form part of the development plan covering Radcliffe on Trent parish.  Planning applications which are submitted to the Borough Council would have to be considered against the policies of the plan, together with the Borough Councils Local Plan (the adopted Core Strategy, together with Local Plan Part 2 which is currently under development), and planning decisions made in accordance with them unless material considerations indicate otherwise.

If there is a majority no vote then the neighbourhood plan cannot be adopted by the Borough Council by law and therefore it would not form part of the development plan for Radcliffe on Trent. It is within the gift of the Parish Council to restart the process with an amended plan with the involvement of the local community, however this would have to pass through all of the formal stages of consultation, pass an independent examination again, and be put to referendum again.

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