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‘The next work session will be on Sunday morning, 2nd July when the focus will be on clearing out patches of invasive Himalayan Balsam along the riverbank.  This will be starting to flower and needs removing before the seeds pop and spread the plant next year.  Meet at ten in Rockley Memorial Park.  No tools required as the stems can be easily pulled up (if you do have a hand sickle or machete, it can also be cut at the base).  More important – bring a good pair of gardening gloves, wear sensible clothing and footwear.   It can get very warm down there but avoid shorts, sleeveless tops and sandals.  Although we’ve cut the main pathway, there are plenty of nettles and thistles around.  Also do bring a drink, some suncream and maybe insect repellent.  Why not come along and join in?  New helpers are always welcome!’


Bestowed upon the village by  Lisle Rockley, the Memorial Park has sat proudly on the Cliffs for 90 years. As a huge asset to the people of Radcliffe, the Parish Council are actively seeking volunteers to assist in the Memorial Park’s on going upkeep, so if you are a dab hand at weeding, pruning, watering or painting, or just want to help out, please contact the Parish Clerk 

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